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Young Hand Rejuvenation: Filler Cannula Technique Women/Men with PRP

Did you know that sun damage will accelerate the shrinkage of fat pads, which is especially common in the hands?

Our clients complain of many negative features of aging hands, including loose skin and the appearance of bigger veins. Many wrongly assume that applying hand filler is either unsafe or will simply cause the skin to puff out.

What makes our technique special: We use cannulas to increase safety and allow us to place filler such that the veins can be covered. A micro-cannula is a thin blunt-tipped needle that does not bruise muscle or puncture veins.

Filler choice is also important because some fillers can lead to long lasting puffiness in this area. We use Radiesse brand filler for our treatment.

We often combine filler with PRP (platelet rich plasma). PRP is extracted from your own blood and has special, natural healing qualities. This treatment speeds up healing time and also treats the skin to improve any “crepe-like” appearance.

We are experts at limiting swelling, improving safety, and increasing healing time due to our cannula technique and use of PRP. The treatment lasts about one to two years.

At GoodSkin, we love sharing our skincare expertise with our clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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