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Undereye Filler for Women

Here’s the bad news: Contrary to what some may think, no amount of sleep will fix or cure eyes looking hollow and tired.

Even the healthiest of people will experience undereye hollowing and darkening as fat pads shift and change with age.

This is why undereye filler for women is so necessary.

Here are the facts from the science of aging:

The large fat pad underneath the eye starts to show signs of depletion around 25 for women. Sometimes this occurs even earlier, and for some people, they may not have a fat pad under the eyes from birth due to genetics.

The eyes tend to show age first by hollowing and becoming dark, leading to feeling and looking tired.

Under eye filler makes for an excellent and safe hollow eyes treatment.

Our Special Technique

The eye area is very delicate and bruises easily, so we take all precautions to ensure a treatment with a result that looks completely “yourself,” with little to no downtime.

We do this through choosing a suitable filler for the female skin type. The filler is also undetectable, as its placed specifically under the muscle away from the thin skin.

Because we are experts in cannula usage, we are able to place the filler at the correct depth to make the filler undetectable upon animation. (The micro-cannula is a very special, fine needle that won’t bruise muscles.) We also ensure that the eyes won’t appear smaller or puffy.

With our technique, we are able to make it appear as though there is no longer an undereye bag. The skin itself will be supported and appear less “crepey.”

Under eye filler placed in the right way will delay volume loss and general undereye aging.

The results lasts for one to two years.

This treatment is often combined with PRP nappage microneedling for dark skin under the eyes.

GoodSkin has the medical expertise to ensure you have the best outcome. Contact us today for a consultation.

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