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Undereye Filler for Men

For men, the large fat pad underneath the eye starts to show signs of depletion around 35.

Genetically, some people do not have a fat pad under the eyes from birth.

The eyes tend to show age first by hollowing and becoming dark. You end up looking tired all the time with the undereye bags.

No amount of sleep can fix this.

Undereye filler for men is needed to solve the problem.

Our Special Technique

To rejuvenate the eyes in a natural way, we offer a non-surgical face lift technique.

Technically, our procedure is not an eye “lift,” but a way to restore the youthful look of the eyes without surgery.

The eye area is very delicate and bruises easily, so we take all precautions to ensure a treatment with little to no downtime.

The result will look completely natural.

First, we choose a suitable filler for the male skin type. The filler will be undetectable, as it’s placed specifically under the muscle away from the thin undereye skin.

Because we are experts in cannula usage, we are able to place the filler at the correct depth. The micro-cannula won’t bruise or penetrate blood vessels.

The filler is undetectable, even upon animation, so it won’t cause the eyes to appear smaller or puffy. We are able to make it appear as though there is no longer an undereye bag.

How Treating Men is Different Than Women

As a man, you probably want to make sure that any work you have done looks completely natural.

Our special technique ensures that you will have rejuvenated eyes that don’t look “plastic” or fake.

The challenge is that men often wait longer for treatment than women do.

Therefore, other areas of the face may be recommended for treatment, so the area will be all blended, making the undereye filler more undetectable.

It is also important to note that a nasal fold lift is highly recommended in order to create a more masculine appearance.

We often combine this treatment with PRP Nappage microneedle for undereye darkness.

The results last about one to two years.

GoodSkin specializes in natural looking cosmetic enhancement for men. Contact us today for a consultation.

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