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Temple Restoration Filler

Does your forehead look gaunt? Are your eyebrows droopy? Then you could benefit from temple restoration filler.

We know through the science of aging that the temples and forehead are areas that decline rapidly with age or weight loss.

When we are younger, a large fat pad sits in each temple space and gives support to the eyebrows and surrounding skin.

Without the fat pad there, the eyelid skin may appear more loose, the brows heavier, and the face more “pinhead” in shape and “gaunt” appearing. Filler in the temples is often overlooked but is crucial to having the face appear untouched. When people talk about “forehead fillers,” they often mean the temples.

If you want a non-surgical face lift, temple restoration filler can make a huge difference for your appearance.

What makes our technique special: By choosing the right filler and placing it at the correct depth, not only is it safe to fill this area, but it also can have longer lasting results with little to no downtime.

Other techniques often require that the client wait weeks for the filler to smooth, but not with our technique.

How we do it: We take every precaution to avoid downtime and bruising by using a special device that allows us to detect veins so that we are able to bypass them and avoid bruising.

This has a long-term positive benefit: Filler to the temple area can slow down volume and bone loss by supporting collagen growth. It lasts approximately two to four years.

At GoodSkin, we are passionate about using the best techniques to combat aging. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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