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Tacking Lift for Women

Women clinically lose more bone mass than men, and at an earlier age, causing the face to fall and drag, so early prevention and regular treatment is key to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Our tacking lift for women provides all the benefits of a facelift without surgery. We offer non-surgical face lift for women involves using a special tool called a cannula to inject structural type filler in specific areas to provide a lifted look versus a filled look.

The cannula is a blunt-tipped micro-needle that won’t harm muscle or blood vessels, which is why it doesn’t bruise.

Women also must be treated differently from men, in order to keep more feminine angles and original face shape. Clients are often afraid they will look “puffy” or fake upon smiling, however the technique is what ensures that the smile is unchanged as seen in our photos.

There are two choices here: You can either get filler treatments simply for cheekbone enhancement, or you can use a specific and more structural type of filler with our tacking technique. The tacking technique will do three things for you:

  • It will create noticeable lift in the mid and even lower face, because we are placing a thicker filler strategically under structures that can provide lift to lower structures.

  • It will appear soft, smooth, and slight due to the deep placement on bone (no obvious cheekbones).

  • It won’t appear “cheeky” or puffy when animating because the product is not moving in the skin but rather staying on the bone.

If you do not choose the correct filler for the client, or use this exacting technique, then you will likely only have cheeks but not the lift. We know how to perform this procedure properly to give you that wonderful lift without puffiness.

The best news is, filler on bone will delay aging by increasing collagen formation.

Furthermore, because we use micro-cannulas, you leave our office with few if any poke marks and with no bruising and no downtime. Cannulas also increase the safety of your filler treatment as well and minimize risks.

The results last for about one year and can last longer upon repeat treatment.

For more details on the science of this treatment, please don’t hesitate to ask us during your consultation.

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