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Subtle Lip Restoration for Women & Men

The lip area is, for most clients, the scariest area to treat, as many people only think of the “work” they see that looks obvious or puffy. (We’ve all seen someone who has had too much lip filler.)

Yet, we often hear from clients that they are torn, because their lips do look very dry, aged, and thinner than in their younger years.

The science of the lip’s aging involves the muscles starting to curl the lips in like a clam shell. We also lose hyaluronic acid and collagen that used to provide plumpness and moisture.

With our subtle lip restoration, we typically first start with nasal fold/upper lip lift to provide the necessary structure.

By first providing the necessary support, oftentimes, less lip filler is needed.

Also, choosing the correct filler is very important, because some fillers will have a natural tendency to draw more water than other fillers and therefore look puffy.

Lastly, we do NOT believe in “over filling” the lips. Our technique is to simply restore the clients lips back to what they were by providing more structure.

This technique lasts for seven to nine months.

At GoodSkin, our specialty is in natural cosmetic rejuvenation that gives you that “untouched” look. Contact us today for a consultation.

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