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Selective Crows Feet Botox

As more lines appear around the eyes as you age, you may need crows feet treatment to reduce wrinkles.

The problem is, many Botox treatments for crows feet end up going too far.

This can change your smile.

Men and women who have had this type of Botox for crows feet often don’t know how to put into words what they didn’t like about their previous treatment – other than that they felt they left looking “Botoxed.”

This is usually their way of saying their smile changed.

How We Do Botox for Crows Feet Better

Los Angeles-based GoodSkin is not an “anti-wrinkle establishment.” We don’t do heavy-handed Botox treatment for wrinkles. Take away too many wrinkles, and you can get that “plastic” look.

We prefer to leave that perfect amount of crows feet that looks untouched. The eyes in particular are a pivotal area of the face to treat lightly in order to look “softer” rather than fake.

Our selective Botox for crows feet is individualized.

It is not necessarily about using small units on everyone to achieve an untouched look. It’s about evaluating the individual’s anatomy and anticipating how the Botox will react and look for each unique expression.

If we determine that Botox will alter your smile, then together we’ll explore other treatment modalities to best suit your needs.

Botox can also be administered around the eye area to reduce the crepe-like skin that appears under eyes as well.

At GoodSkin, we are dedicated to creating a natural look that won’t leave you looking “Botoxed.” Contact us today for a consultation.

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