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PRP Injection for Hair Loss

Whether you are male or female, hair loss can be extremely frustrating. For women, complete baldness may not be the issue, but excessive hair thinning. You don’t want to wear a wig, so what do you do?

PRP injection for hair loss is a natural way to stimulate hair growth and doesn’t involve hair plugs or transplants.

PRP stands for “platelet rich plasma,” and it is a healthy cocktail of natural growth factors and cytokines that can help encourage natural hair growth.

We obtain PRP directly from your own blood, so it is totally bio-compatible.

What makes our treatment superior than similar treatments is that this is typically a rather painful procedure, but we offer nitrous gas as an anesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain. (We can do this because we are a medical office and not just a cosmetic boutique.)

We can also customize the PRP hair treatment injections for the client. For example, we can include hair loss support ingredients to add extra benefit

GoodSkin offers a full array of rejuvenation services for both skin and hair. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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