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PDO Threads Mint Brand

If your face is sagging with age, yet you need no filler, you might be a great candidate for a PDO thread face lift. This non-surgical face lift is quick and requires little downtime.

PDO is an abbreviation of polydioxanone, which is a surgical suture that is designed to be absorbed by the body. It is frequently used in open-heart surgery and is therefore very safe. PDO will be absorbed fully in four to six months without scarring.

Why use PDO for face threading? What happens is that when the threads are placed strategically, collagen development is stimulated. When the PDO is absorbed, the new, strong collagen will be left to provide structure to the face.

Threads work to lift the deeper layers of skin back to a more youthful position without adding any volume to the face. After the threads dissolve in approximately four to six months, we have found results can last up to one year due to the collagen formation.

Our Special Approach to PDO Threads

We usually use Mint brand PDO. This is a superior strength premium brand. On rare occasion we use Nova threads for very thin skin, although we find them not quite as strong.

What also makes the PDO thread face lift special in our office is that it typically requires only one to two pokes hidden in the hairline, which is why little to no downtime usually (when clients avoid blood thinners).

Thread face lifts have existed in Europe and around the globe for a while. We were one of the first offices to adopt the use of threads in America as soon as they were FDA approved. We have successfully treated hundreds of threads patients and refined the technique through much experience and worldwide learning.

Many of the early fears clients had regarding pain, wrinkling, poke marks, or downtime, we have found ways to eliminate so you can continue your daily lifestyle.

In order to treat through the science of aging, we combine this treatment with Ulthera treatment. We also offer special packages and touch-up rates for existing clients.

Even though GoodSkin is located in Los Angeles, we keep up with the latest European facial rejuvenation technqiues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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