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Nasal Fold/Upper Lip Lift for Women & Men

As we age, what is known as the pyriform complex (a bony prominence of our face) shrinks and we also lose accompanying fatty support. This leads to a deep nasal fold and even a longer upper lip – which for women is not able to be covered up with a mustache.

For men this area is also important, because although they can cover it with a mustache, the deep nasal fold can actually make the cheeks appear more round and feminine because the area next to them is hollowing out.

The good news is that you can have a lip lift without surgery.

Our upper lip lift works with the judicious use of filler, and you will have hardly any downtime.

We all know someone where their filler is visible upon expression, looks puffy, or even constricts the smile.

Our technique avoids all those problems.

Our non-surgical lip lift is a technique that lifts the corner of the nasal labial folds near the nose without affecting or constricting the smile. It won’t be noticeable upon talking.

This technique mimics the replacement of bone that is lost in this area with age. This is achieved by putting the filler safely at the correct depth and also choosing a filler that can act more structural without drifting or absorbing lots of water.

Results include lifting the nasolabial fold and shortening the distance from an elongating lip to the nose space. Furthermore, by lifting this area, we can also support the nose, which helps to counteract the drooping of the tip of the nose that comes with age.

This treatment lasts for nine months to one and a half years depending on filler choice.

GoodSkin provides world-class expertise in proper filler technique. Contact us today for a consultation.

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