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Jowling Sides of Mouth with Marionette Lines Support Filler

No-one likes it when they develop jowling on the sides of the mouth as they age. This is why many people seek sagging jowls treatment.

Before seeing jowls form in the jawline, clients will often first see jowling starting toward the corner of the mouth.

This is what is most commonly known as “marionette lines,” although in younger clients, it will appear early on as falling skin. It can be more noticeable in selfies or in a head down position during a video chat.

Early intervention is highly recommended, as it is important to create tension on the skin and lift rather than to just “fill” the area. Otherwise, if you chase the problem later in life, you can develop a puffy look.

What is the best procedure for sagging jowls?

We can use a filler to create a lift in the jowl area rather than a more obvious looking filled appearance.

For some clients, we will combine the filler with an off-label use of Kybella, which will dissolve fat pockets and helps avoid that overly filled look.

We use micro-cannulas in our filler treatments to eliminate bruising and increase recovery time.

Los Angeles-based GoodSkin is dedicated to help you achieve that timeless natural look. Contact us today for a consultation.

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