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Marionette Line Lift (Sad Mouth Filler) Cannula Technique for Men & Women

Marionette lines develop as we age due to the loosening of ligaments and loss of fat deposits in the face. This can create lines between the mouth and chin that make you look sad even when you are not.

Some people are genetically predisposed to marionette lines, so treatment is really the only option.

Our marionette line lift is a non-surgical face lift that uses a cannula to inject appropriate filler to add volume. This decreases the lines and helps remove that “sad mouth” look.

A micro-cannula is a special tool with a blunt end that won’t puncture veins or muscle, and therefore it doesn’t bruise. This means you will have little downtime after the procedure.

We choose the best filler for marionette lines based on your personal needs and facial structure.

At GoodSkin, your health and well-being is our passion. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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