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Gummy Smile Solution: Botox Microdose

If you have a gummy smile – where too much gum shows above your teeth when you smile – you have possibly wanted to get it fixed as far back as childhood.

Yet, a standard gummy smile treatment through your dentist could involve incredibly invasive and painful surgery on your teeth, gums, or jaw.

Did you know that two easy Botox injections can stop that gummy smile and retrain those overactive muscles that contribute to it?

Gummy smiles are estimated to affect approximately 14% of women and 7% of men.

With Botox, a gummy smile can be fixed without surgery.

When administering gummy smile treatments with Botox, we have found it vital to work with the client to find the right dose. This is the exact dose in which the client sees improvement but feels that the smile is still appropriate to him or her.

As experts in the refined use of Botox, we will work with you to find the right amount to give you a great smile – without all that gum showing. Then you’ll really have something to smile about.

At GoodSkin, we care about your well-being. Contact us for a consultation.

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