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Forehead Smoothing women

As women age (and for some genetically), the forehead begins to take on a “Neanderthal appearance” as fat decreases and bony prominences show more.

Unfortunately, this is especially unflattering for women.

We offer forehead smoothing for women to help restore a youthful round appearance to the forehead and reduce wrinkles.

But this is more than just a forehead wrinkle treatment.

Filler placed correctly in the forehead can lift brows and minimize forehead lines by recreating the lost support for the skin.

Many people do not understand this scientific fact, and some cosmetic practitioners tend to over Botox the forehead in an effort to chase away deep forehead wrinkles without adding filler.

What makes our technique special is that we are experts in cannula usage.

The micro-cannula is a special, micro-fine needle that won’t bruise or break blood vessels. With it, we are able to place the filler at the correct depth that makes the filler undetectable. The filler lasts longer and is also safer.

We are also experts in choosing the correct filler for patient that will mimic a natural structure.

This treatment usually accompanied by filler nose job treatment, and it can last for up to two to four years depending on the severity of the issue.

GoodSkin understands the science of aging and how it affects you. Contact us today for a consultation.

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