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Forehead Smoothing for Men

Many men appear at our clinic complaining of deep forehead wrinkles, but they don’t want to have a Botoxed appearance.

What they don’t realize is that many of the lines they have now are related to a major loss of fat.

We offer forehead smoothing for men to replace that lost fat and therefore support the surrounding skin and brows.

The fat and bony support in the forehead ages similarly to the rest of the face. Just doing a forehead wrinkle treatment without using filler will not get the natural results intended.

What makes our technique special: By treating the forehead for support at the correct depth and with the right choice of product, there will be more accompanying structural support.

Botox is often not required, and the client will retain full facial expression. The lines and wrinkles will still be diminished at rest and with expression.

We use cannulas to limit pokes, reduce downtime, and increase safety. This cannula technique uses a micro-fine needle with a blunt tip that bypasses muscles and veins, so no bruising occurs.

For men especially, this treatment works great when coupled with a blanching technique to remove superficial lines at rest.

The treatment lasts for two to four years, depending on the severity of issue.

GoodSkin understands the science of aging and how it affects you. Contact us today for a consultation.

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