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Ear Lobe Restoration with Filler

When you have sagging ear lobes and loose holes for earrings, it can be a major problem. The ears may look funny with or without earrings.

Perhaps that special evening out you had planned is now something you have been delaying – for a while.

The most common complaint we receive about ear lobes is that “earrings no longer look good or sit right.” Clients often fail to realize how the “plumpness” of their former earlobes is now gone.

So, how to fix stretched ear piercing?

We are experts in ear lobe restoration and the process is actually fairly simple. Filler in this area can be very gratifying, as earrings will sit tighter and higher. The ears will look better in a natural way.

The treated area tends to sustain very long-lasting results for most clients, from approximately one to two years.

At GoodSkin, we care about your health and well-being. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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