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Cone Threads Silhouette Brand “Insta Lift”

If you want a long-lasting non-surgical face lift for a sagging face or jowling, a silhouette thread lift is a great option.

A thread face lift involves using surgical suture material to improve structure in the face. The suture “threads” will dissolve in approximately four to six months, while new collagen is produced to retain structure.

We are experts at threads due to our European training and extended network. We have an advantage over other American offices, because thread face lifts have existed in Europe for many, many years.

For those of our clients looking for increased results from PDO threads or a longer lasting treatment, Silhouette InstaLift is the procedure of choice.

In addition to threads, the Silhouette thread lift also utilizes small, flexible, absorbable cones. It is a simple face re-contouring procedure that works to lift the skin’s deeper layers, making it younger-looking.

Over time, the body absorbs the cones and sutures while collagen production is also stimulated. The best part is, this thread face lift lasts approximately two years.

GoodSkin is your Los Angeles-connection to the latest European facial rejuvenation techniques. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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