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Filler Brow Lift for Women & Men

There is a large fat pad sitting underneath the brow that declines with age for women starting at age 27, and men at age 37.

Sometimes, clients may also not have a robust fat pad there since birth. This will lead to heavy brows and droopy eyelids.

Our brow lift can correct this problem. It works as a non-surgical face lift.

We are also experts at working with asymmetries.

Many clients wrongly assume that their skin loosening is purely to blame for their forehead wrinkles. It is interesting to note that the large fat pad, which is present early in life and recedes, is actually what is mostly to blame for heavy brows and even eyelid skin.

By re-supporting this lost structure, clients can notice a notable change in the brows and eyelid skin.

Not all fillers placed in this area will provide true lift.

The filler has to be placed at the correct depth. We are also careful in choosing the filler – the right choice of structural filler has to be used otherwise sometimes the brow can get heavier.

We are also experts at diagnosing whether this is something that can be achieved with Botox alone or if filler is required.

For example, if the issue is more muscular in nature, we would recommend to start with Botox, but if it is structural, Botox will do very little to help.

Combining filler and Botox muscle retraining will offer the longest lasting and most robust solution, and it lasts for about one year.

GoodSkin provides expertise in combining Botox with filler. Contact us today for a consultation.

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