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Botox Jaw Treatment

Stress can take its toll on our appearance, and one of the most common places for this to manifest is in our jaw.

After years of jaw clenching and teeth grinding, we can develop a wider jawline due to all the stress and tension.

Botox jaw treatment is a safe, non-surgical method to help relieve stress in the jaw. It is highly effective in treating TMJ, wide jawline, disappearing cheek bones, and bruxism (teeth grinding).

The Problems Caused by Stress in the Jaw

We always evaluate the jaw, because a dysfunctional jaw muscle can stress the entire facial structure.

Common client complaints include: a wide masculine face, disappearing cheekbones, puffy cheeks when smiling, or dimples turning into deep lines. Some clients report what is called “fat face” when smiling or at rest. With prolonged teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and general overuse, clients often experience faster aging in the neck, and of course TMJ and pain.

Even men sometimes suffer from a widening jawline that can prevent them from achieving a desired “lean” look, despite having a lean build.

Occasionally, this wider jaw can add pressure to the cheek when smiling, making the general shape appear more round or feminine.

Muscle Retraining with Botox Helps Relax the Jaw

Early intervention and muscle retraining through Botox at an early age are keys to prevent side effects and skin changes.

Our “Botox jaw reduction” is really all about relaxing the right muscles and retraining bad stress habits to support a relaxed jaw and healthy smile. Botox for TMJ is especially helpful in reducing pain and tension.

We educate and inform clients during our consultation process about the impact a tight, overworked jaw has both mentally and physically. It can even negatively impact posture. (For more on posture health please visit

At GoodSkin, we are dedicated to improving your health and well-being. Please contact us today for a consultation.

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