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Botox For Uneven Eyes

Looking for a droopy eyelid fix? Having uneven eyes can be extremely frustrating, especially if one eye appears much more open than the other. Uneven eyes can also become more prominent as we age.

You can regain symmetry in your eyes without needing expensive eye surgery.

Botox for uneven eyes is a fast, effective treatment that doesn’t require surgery. We are experts in anatomy and can diagnose the source of problems such as uneven eyes. Often, asymmetrical eyes are caused by a droopy eyelid (eyelid ptosis).

By placing Botox in specific areas, we have the ability to make the eyes more symmetrical.

Fixing uneven eyes is especially important if you are photographed regularly for work or business. Did you know that uneven eyes will tend to show up more in photos when one is sick, tired, drinking alcohol, or otherwise not feeling well?

You don’t have to hide from the camera. Our Botox treatment for uneven eyes can help you regain your smile.

At GoodSkin in Los Angeles, we are passionate about helping you look and feel your best. Contact us today for a consultation.

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