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Botox for Resistant Migraines & Jaw Clenching

Migraines can be extremely painful and debilitating. These all-encompassing headaches can be further exacerbated by jaw clenching or teeth grinding.

Botox for migraines can alleviate the pain and tension found in the head, neck, and jaw that can contribute to migraines and other headaches.

As experts in muscle anatomy, we have a full understanding of how people can compensate for tight, knotted muscles by unconsciously directing that stress elsewhere in the body.

We have found that for resistant migraines, especially ones that are combined with jaw issues such as TMJ, more than just one muscle is usually the culprit. The trapezius, paraspinal, and sternocleidomastoid muscles can all contribute to chronic headaches if they are too tight or knotted with trigger points.

With TMJ and migraines, we often retrain this triad of muscles using Botox to work together more efficiently. This can also allow other postural muscles to strengthen.

Treating these areas along with Neck Lift Botox will greatly improve the results and can also lead to posture correction.

Botox for TMJ and migraines can make a drastic difference in your quality of life. With the tension in the muscles gone, you will feel like a new person.

At GoodSkin in Los Angeles, we are passionate about helping our clients live pain-free. Contact us for a consultation.

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