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Botox for Neck Bands

Do you want to know how to get rid of neck wrinkles?

Consider neck Botox, an extremely effective way to deal with the rings of wrinkles that surround the neck – without surgery.

Neck bands can start to appear in the 40s or even earlier. Prevention is the best cure, but even after these wrinkles have deepened, our treatment can make a huge difference.

Botox for neck bands works to even out the muscles that hold the neck up. Some might be too weak while other muscles may be too strong. The exact platysmal bands (part of the platysma muscle in the front and side of the neck) are directly treated. This is an area that is treated separately from Neck Lift Botox.

The neck is a common area that needs to be treated on actors and people who are either on camera or public speaking. Neck bands are hard to cover up with make-up and can be quite prominent.

Our Botox for neck bands treatment is fast and doesn’t require any downtime.

GoodSkin is a Los-Angeles based boutique dedicated to your wellness. Contact us today for a consultation.

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