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Botox Nasal Bunny Lines

Nasal bunny lines can appear simply through the aging process, but they can also be created and accentuated by “Botox gone wrong.”

As experts in the judicious and preventative use of Botox, we often work with clients who have developed new wrinkles, including Botox bunny lines, after previous Botox treatments with another cosmetic boutique.

Whether you have bunny lines through natural aging or Botox, we can help.

What Are Nasal Bunny Lines?

If you ever watched the 1960s television show Bewitched, then you will recognize bunny lines. Whenever Samantha the witch (played by Elizabeth Montgomery) wrinkled her nose to cast a spell, she was creating nasal bunny lines.

Whether you have bunny lines from Botox or from wrinkling your nose like Samantha, Botox can help reduce these wrinkles safely and without surgery.

Bunny lines around the nose often go untreated, but this can look odd when other areas such as the eyes are treated with Botox.

We find that treating this area can take many units of Botox, but it does provide a more natural appearance and even a smaller looking nose.

No matter what the cause of your nasal bunny lines, GoodSkin can help. Contact us for a consultation.

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