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Botox/Filler Correction

Have you had a cosmetic treatment that didn’t go well?

We are experts at correction work, and Botox/filler correction can help.

Other cosmetic boutiques may not be staffed with our level of expertise. Unfortunately, if the wrong type of filler is used, or too much, it can lead to that plastic look that no-one wants.

Too much Botox can reduce facial movement and expression.

You don’t want to look like you have had work done. You don’t want to look “filled.”

If you have had undesirable cosmetic treatment results, we can help.

Apart from anti-aging plans, we also perform “fix it” or correction plans for clients who feel that their fillers or Botox treatments have not left them quite as untouched-looking as they would like.

Fixing face fillers may require a number of different techniques depending on your situation. We approach each person individually and will review your skin’s condition thoroughly before making a recommendation.

At GoodSkin, we are world-class experts in cosmetic treatments that look natural and untouched. Contact us today for a consultation.

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