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Botox Correction of Overarched Brows

Here at GoodSkin, we are very careful about how we apply Botox to make sure our clients leave with a natural look. Unfortunately, not all cosmetic boutiques have our expertise, and the injection of Botox that leaves an unnatural appearance is a common problem.

Even small amounts of Botox applied in the wrong place can lead to overarched eyebrows. Years of simple Botox can change your muscular anatomy, and eventually, you might experience Botox-looking brows, which have the telltale sign of being overarched and dropped in the middle.

Fortunately, these eyebrow mistakes are simple to fix for qualified doctors.

We are experts at diagnosing muscle use and tailoring Botox for overarched brows to the individual.

We are able to retrain muscles properly so that you will no longer appear “Botoxed.”

We know how to make eyebrows even without actually dropping the eyelids and causing heaviness.

At GoodSkin, we are experts at applying Botox properly to create a natural look that lasts. Contact us for a consultation.

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