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Blanching for Men (fine line removal)

Our blanching fine line removal for men is a technique utilizing soft bio-identical hyaluronic acid to treat forehead, smoker, and even chin lines, while retaining full movement and invisibility in the skin.

Starting in our 20s, our skin production of hyaluronic acid rapidly decreases. UV sun damage and repeated animation can also cause small lines to wrinkle our skin.

Hyaluronic acid injection can reverse this process.

Our technique, along with the correct filler choice, allows us to smooth fine lines such as “smoker lines” and chin lines without puffiness.

Collagen is also stimulated, so the area smooths out on its own in time, and you will need fewer treatments.

Other cosmetic offices may say they can do hyaluronic acid injections for wrinkles and fine lines. However, most often, the filler is noticeable from an angle, because with the wrong filler choice or wrong technique, there is inflation.

Expert technique is important because filler applied this way can move freely with face without constrictions.

We want to make sure the filler is undetectable upon talking, smiling, and moving. We often combine this technique with PRP Nappage treatments, Botox lip lines, and/or PRP MD depth microneedle treatments to maintain results.

The results from our technique last about six months for the first treatment and nine months for the second due to collagen stimulation.

GoodSkin offers medical-level expertise in the latest rejuvenation techniques. Contact us today for a consultation.

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