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For Women

Did you that women lose bone in the jaw with age?

That bone loss can cause a large portion of the skin sagging and jowling in the lower face that occurs with aging.

Our CalciumJowlLift™ for women can help correct this problem, giving you a more youthful, firm appearance.

Based on the science of aging, we know that women tend to experience jaw bone loss earlier than men, with very early bone changes starting at around age 27. For women in particular, the jaw bone shrinks and becomes more narrow and pointed.

Therefore, science shows us that women tend to jowl earlier than men due to bone recession. This is due to a number of other factors as well, including sun damage and facial fat pad changes.

Many times, women ask us:

What is the best treatment for sagging neck and jowls?

Calcium (Radiesse) used as a structural filler can not only address these changes, but it can cause a cascade of collagen stimulation that can slow the aging process down and even improve the skin. It can work, in effect, as a lower face lift.

To correct and slow down the effects of bone loss, we purposefully place the structural filler to mimic bone (without enlarging the face). The filler is hidden to the naked eye, but it creates a positive tension that can lift the lower face and “jowling” area.

Our technique is special because we use a special injection tool called a cannula. A cannula is a micro-tool that drastically cuts down on bruising and downtime. We place the filler so that it moves freely with the face. The calcium is placed so as not to widen the face, but rather to restore or maintain that which is lost or changing.

The results from calcium filler treatment last for about one year and can last longer upon retreatment.

To further enhance results, we often combine this treatment with tacking technique, Sculptra, PDO threads, silhouette cone threads, and/or Ulthera. At GoodSkin, we are experts in the science of aging. Contact us today for a consultation.

For Men

Did you know that we lose bone with age, and this structural change leads to sagging skin?

The CalciumJowlLift™ for men is a technique utilizing bone-type filler to recreate lost structure and provide lift to loose skin.

Men generally begin to have early changes to their jaw structure in their 30s. This often progresses to very obvious changes by the 60s.

Additionally, due to genetics, sometimes we are not naturally born with enough bone structure in the chin and jaw area to support surrounding skin and structures. If this is the case, changes can become evident very early in life.

We are experts in the science of aging and our injectable jaw lift for men is a proven way to bring structure back to the lower part of the face.

By using calcium as a structural filler (Radiesse) purposefully placed to replace bone loss, we are able to create lift in the lower face and “jowling” area. This can also result in chin enhancement.

As the product is calcium, it is all natural and mimics real bone.

Even one session will itself produce collagen for the surrounding skin and structures to delay aging. The treatment lasts for around 1-2 years.

Because of our unique technique, the filler is not visible upon animation and moves freely with the skin. Our aesthetic is to create a more masculine jaw, which will also hold surrounding neck skin up.

We often will add Kybella and Ulthera to further sculpt and lift the jawline.

Based in Los Angeles, GoodSkin provides expert treatment to mitigate the effects of aging. Contact us today for a consultation.

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