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IPL or Photofacial

If you would like to reduce brown spots, red blood vessels, uneven pigmentation, or photodamage on your face, consider a photofacial.

Our IPL photorejuvenation is a very safe and helpful treatment for a wide range of skin conditions, including rosacea and age spots.

The laser brand we use is the M22 Lumenis, which is a very powerful modern machine with a variety of options available, making it ideal if you have multiple conditions you want treated.

How does IPL skin treatment work?

The M22 Lumenis projects an intense light in pulses that stimulates the production of new collagen. The result is smoother skin with a more even skin tone and color.

The downtime is approximately three to five days of mild pink skin, with a “coffee ground” pigmentation at the brown spots that lightly flakes off.

Treatments needed generally run between five to eight with a few weeks in between. The pain during the treatment has been likened to a rubber band snap, and afterwards, it is very minimal.

At GoodSkin, our passion is helping you have amazing, rejuvenated skin. Contact us today for a consultation.

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