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The Process

GoodSkin™ presents a new paradigm for healthy aging by implementing an international methodology at its clinics coast-to-coast. 

The entire staff acts as your team, guiding you on your personal journey to healthy aging with an approach tailored to your history and unique facial structure in the pursuit of your Untouched Look.

Diagnostic & Treatment Planning 

Current Med Spa Standard

Picking from a menu of services which generally means piecing together your face and/ or choosing mini treatments thinking you are “safer.” Photos and Assessment are generally often done with flash photography (does not accurately capture shadows)  and treatment planning may even be done in rooms with poor overhead lighting. 

“My best piece of advice for clients looking to not change their face overtime but rather preserve their natural beauty is to always start with expert diagnosis. The one common denominator of the countless correction cases I have done over the years was in clients choosing their own micro treatments such as baby botox and assuming that a little wont add up to disastrous effects over time.”


- Lisa Goodman, Owner


Goodskin Difference

One of the most crucial parts to looking like the best version of YOURSELF  lies in proper treatment planning based on diagnosis. When you visit one of our clinics, we offer an in-depth diagnostic based visit. It is only after diagnosis that treatments are suggested by experts to reverse the clock and actually solve the problem of your aging.  Our ability to diagnosis properly comes from our extended training. 

The second most crucial part to our results lies in capturing true to life imaging to support the diagnostic plan. We are proud to let clients know that all our treatment rooms have been designed by an esteemed movie director so that we can properly assess patients under conditions that support what you will look like in everyday life. 

In order to achieve the most REALISTIC perspective possible, the GoodSkin visit  includes two sets of photos shot in a photo room designed to mirror natural daylight. Outfitted with lights in the walls, the effect resembles that of a café in the afternoon rather than a standard medical office. The team utilizes VECTRA M3 3-D Imaging System for one set of photos. Meanwhile, a Canon 5D  outfitted with a true to life lens snaps the second set of photos, maintaining the natural light. The lighting and photo process represents GoodSkin’s commitment to the highest level of expertise and allows patients the most insight during the consultation.

Results & Our Aesthetic

Current Med Spa Standard

A one size fits all beauty approach. Results are aimed more at beauty and less at problem solving, prevention and maintenance.

Goodskin Difference

Have you noticed that no two GoodSkin Clients look the same over time? Our aesthetic is that beauty is completely individual. Our ultimate goal is  for clients to look like the best versions of themselves, and we achieve that through a sustained relationship in which we monitor results by continually reviewing your case and photos over time.

“Our ultimate goal is for clients to look like the best version of themselves.”

- GoodSkin Practitioners

We believe that maintaining your unique face  is a team effort! Our team will follow up with you, ask about your thoughts on the result, and make suggestions for the future. We’re with you the whole time as we walk on this journey together.

As part of our philosophy,  looking healthy and rested provides a recipe for increased happiness and success. Since The Untouched Look™ is based on personal diagnosis, the end result is personal. It’s so personal the very name came courtesy of a client who once said, “I don’t look different; I just look better. It’s untouched.” This is our mission.

“I don’t look different; I just look better.
It’s untouched.”

- GoodSkin Inspirational Patient

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