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About the Founder

A lifelong ambition, international sojourn, and commitment to natural elegance galvanized Lisa Goodman to found GoodSkin™ during 2015. With multiple locations bicoastally, the company earned its reputation as a trusted North American anti-aging leader, preeminent cosmetic boutique, and medical clinic. She achieved an undergraduate in Nutrition with honors from University of Florida and went on to garner another Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Nova Southeastern University.


She spent the next decade as a PA alongside some of the country’s most celebrated cosmetic surgeons. In 2013, she entrenched herself in a popular French practice and adopted a new methodology encompassing social history, medical history, and lifestyle history as well as studying the photos of a patient’s family members. She returned home and incorporated this vision into GoodSkin™.

Now, Lisa pioneers American anti-aging by way of personalized regiments including Blanching, TackingLift™, CalciumJowlLift™, PRP Neppage Treatment, PRP (MD Depth) Microneedling, Threads, and Aquagold Botox + Filler Facial, and more.


By 2019, GoodSkin™ grew from its flagship Brentwood location to a new Los Angeles locale and first New York city clinic. Along the way, she appeared in features by everyone from Vogue and W Magazine to The New York Times.

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